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Sudoku is available for download for free!


Get your free copy by clicking here (1,7Mb) or by clicking on the screenshot below. After downloading, run sudoku.exe and the program will be installed and you can run it from the Start menu.

If the game gives a 'Failed to install properly' message, download & run the following file: vcredist_x86.exe (support DLLs from Microsft).

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Log notes:

v1.4 (29-12-07)
- Option to manually enter puzzles; the software will solve it internally so you can play puzzles coming from paper for example.

v1.3 (2-2-07)
- CPU friendly; run it alongside your work
- Move around with the keyboard
- Middle mouse button clears a box

v1.2 (10-8-06)
- Fixed a problem with bluevelvet3.dll

v1.1 (27-2-06)
Fixed a bug with entering 9's

v1.0 (23-2-06)
- Can now fill in the puzzle interactively.

v0.1 (20-2-06)
- initial release; this Sudoku version can only generate puzzles.

(c) 2006-2008 Dolphinity BV / Ruud van Gaal