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Game rules

Sudoku is a simple game with simple rules. Enter digits ranging from 1 to 9 into the empty cells. A correct puzzle has the following properties:

Software instructions

Use the mouse to move around the board. Cells will hilite as you pass over them.
Click on a cell with the left mouse button to increase the number, or the right mouse button to decrease the number. Alternatively just type 1-9 (or SPACE) to fill a cell.

Key Function
1-9 Enter number into a cell
SPACE/Delete/Backspace Clear cell
F1-F3 Select difficulty level
Shift+R Generate a new Sudoku puzzle. Currently only one level of difficulty is present.
Shift+H Give a hint for the currently selected cell (just hover the mouse above a cell to hilite one)
C Check the board. A message will be displayed whether the board is ok or not. If the puzzle has been solved correctly, the timer will stop.

sudoku screenshot

More features:

Turn on fullscreen (800x600x32) OpenGL mode by modifying sudoku.ini in the installation directory. Set fullscreen=1 and run the program again.

(c) 2006-2008 Dolphinity BV / Ruud van Gaal